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UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest

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UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest

Easily carry your additional gear and mission specific necessities with this ergonomically tested and preconfigured utility vest. Leapers UTG 547 Tactical Vest is application specific to meet the demand for a high speed, low drag, load bearing gear set up – an all time favorite by many walks of life, from professionals like SWAT teams, security personnel, EMT’s, firemen, to different levels of shooters and hunters in general. Made of heavy duty, durable materials, our vest keeps your mission necessities close and easily within reach.


A Well Executed Design

Sniper shoulder guard well protects you from firearm recoil. Various pouches for walkie-talkie, rifle and pistol magazines, holster, and elastic shot shell loops can be found ergonomically placed on the outside front of the vest for efficient access when speed counts and the mission is critical. Many customers especially expressed thanks for the heavy duty back loop system providing additional, hands-free carry options for gear and tools sometimes not anticipated. From shoulder tops to waist, from left side to right, the vest is designed to be most generous and accommodating to different body types and sizes. This is a vest that supported important missions of tens of thousands and is ready to carry the load for you too.

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