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6"Aluminum Tactical Pen & Glass Breaker

  • 1994
  • Save $ 505

By owning this tactical pen, you will be getting a fully functional pen and a deadly self-defense pressure point weapon/glass breaker. Keep this tactical pen in your shirt pocket or purse and use it as a regular pen. However, when needed, you can access this pen and utilize its sharp end as a Kubotan. Deliver a devastating strike onto your attacker by aiming for his nerve points and soft tissues. Made out of lightweight aluminum, this pen weighs only 1.6 oz., making it light enough to be carried on you at all times. Item is also great as a glass breaker if you are ever trapped.


  • Receive 1 Fully Functional Tactical Black Ink Ball Point Pen
  • Doubles As A Self-Defense Pressure Point Weapon And Glass Breaker
  • Increases The Power Of Any Strike
  • Lightweight Aluminum With Titanium Finish
  • Ball Point Pen With Black Ink
  • Refillable
  • Heavy Duty Solid Construction
  • 4 Textured Metal Grasps For Maximum Grip And Control
  • Twist To Open Or Close
  • Pocket Clip Holder
  • Weighs 1.6 oz Overall Length 6" Inches
  • Brand New Factory Sealed

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